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Newsletter April 29th 2023


Dear Friends of Afrodyssée,


In exactly one week, Afrodyssée 2023 opens its doors for a unique experience, an immersion in the most innovative trends and designs of the African scene. The full program is available and the party promises to be beautiful. After the launch day dedicated to the media and fashion professionals, we welcome you on Saturday, May 6 from noon to 1am at the Maison communale de Plainpalais with: the designers' market with an exclusive selection of clothes, accessories and jewelry from African brands committed to sustainable development, two fashion shows at 4pm and 9pm (two time slots, one show), a food village embracing the classics of Afro gastronomy, an original photo shoot with Marc Posso, story telling for children in the afternoon (family-friendly), an anthology after party in collaboration with We Wibing at the Groove and on Sunday at the ADC Dance Pavilion, Talks far from the beaten path.

In short, all you have to do is choose your ticket! Among the big names that will be present - Lafalaise Dion, Kente Gentleman or the majestic Masa Mara - we would like to introduce you to a rising multi-disciplinary artist, let's face it, our favorite designer: Mafi-Mafi. Heading where we are not expected: East Africa, Ethiopia... like a return to our roots.



Origin: Ethiopian
Title: Designer of Mafi Mafi

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Hello Mahlet, how do you discover in yourself a vocation to become a designer?

I have always been immersed in artistic circles, being a creative person since childhood. I was particularly involved in the hip-hop movement in Addis where I practiced music and rap for a few years. I quickly asked myself the question of the looks I wanted to create to accompany the artist that I was and that's how I discovered my passion for creating clothes.

What does the term “sustainability” mean in your work?

It is a completely natural relationship to the resources that we use and the relationship that I establish with my choice of textiles, of cotton and the working relationship that I develop with my weavers. We cannot engage in the perspective of creating clothes without having a strong awareness of our relationship with nature and the respect we must have for it.


What are your sources of inspiration?

It is something often overlooked, but Ethiopia is a country rich in multiple ethnic groups and cultures linked to them. In my creative process, there is always a moment when I travel to the country, and this is probably the part that excites me the most, meeting people and their environment. It is for me an experience that is both aesthetic and of learning about traditions. It is a powerful engine of inspiration that I will revisit to shape the style of my new collection.

Meet Mahlet Afework and his brand Mafi Mafi at the 6th edition of Afrodyssée at the Designer's Market.

Tickets for the 9pm parade are going fast. So don't delay! 

Here is a summary of the different types of tickets: 

SINGLE ENTRY  SAM 06.05.2023
25 CHF
Gives access to the Designers Market, Talks & Workshops, Food Village, Photo Studios and After Party.

From 30 CHF to 50 CHF 
Gives access to the Designers' Market, the 4pm Show, the Talks & Workshops, the Food Village, the Photo Studios and the After Party.

From 40 CHF to 60 CHF 
Gives access to the Designers Market, the 9pm Fashion Show, the Talks & Workshops, the Food Village, the Photo Studios and the After Party.

In addition to the services of the fashion show ticket, the VIP ticket gives access to VIP entrance (no waiting) / personalized service / nominative table/ lounge next to the podium & reserved for the whole afternoon or evening / a bottle of champagne / various foods / a goodie bag per person / possibility to order bottles in advance (100.- per bottle)
Reservation for VIPs at 4pm: directly online on the website

VIPs at 9pm:  Please contact 


AFTER PARTY TICKET  SAM 06.05.2023  Le Groove
Give access only to the After party Afrodyssée X We Vibing 

TALKS  SUN 07.05.2023 Pavillon de la  danse ADC
Sunday Talks are included in all Afrodyssée tickets above. Tickets for the lectures are also available on site (Pavillon de la  danse ADC) for CHF 15.

Tickets (single entry and fashion show) are also on sale at the entrance (Maison communale de Plainpalais), subject to availability.

Children under 10 years old, free access. Access to the fashion shows is not free for children.


This is (really!) the last moment: if you are interested in sharing your time and talent, join our team of volunteers.


The non-profit association Afrodyssée aims to improve knowledge of the cultures and aesthetics of Africa and to contribute to increasing the influence of contemporary African design. Is that your goal too?


Little bonus for those who made it to the end of this newsletter D-6: some pictures of our pre-event of last Saturday, April 6th.


We can't wait to see you there!

All the best,

Afrodyssée Association

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