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Newsletter February 3rd 2023


Dear friends of Afrodyssée,

We hope that you are starting the year with strength and passion.

With that same strength and passion, our preparations are progressing on all fronts to concoct for you a 6th edition of Afrodyssée showcasing contemporary African fashion and craftsmanship. Always and again, with everything we do, we are guided by a single word: style. 

Highlights of the next few weeks: casting models and recruiting volunteers


For now, an exclusive introduction: Discover the personality who will set the beat for Afrodyssée, producing the fashion show’s soundtrack.



Age: 31 years old
Origin: Angolan
Title: Multidisciplinary Artist
Mission: compose the soundtrack of the runway show for the 6th edition of Afrodyssée 

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How would you describe your relationship with music?

It’s a connection I would describe as very deep, innate, and instinctive, that I’ve had since my young age. Music is a mean of expression that I’ve always been curious about. Little by little, I became a digger, constantly searching for new sounds. These sounds gradually defined my taste, my culture, and the artist that I am today.


How do you stay up to date, with the multitude of musical style that appear every day, especially in Africa?

I browse online and try and keep an ear open for new productions. From YouTube to blogs, specialized pages to the personal accounts of musicians or DJs whose music I enjoy. Since the pandemic, a period that was filled of introspection for each of us, I feel like I can better understand the trends. For example, amapiano is a current trend that I discovered three years ago already. 

How would you describe the process of producing a song?

It often starts from wanting to share a story. Then you gather people around this feeling of pleasure and, of course, dance. But the act of producing remains for me highly instinctive, spontaneous, and comes from your guts. I want to focus on this intuitive approach, guts before head, in my creative process.


You’re about to take part in an event that gathers designers, creators. What does «style» mean to you ?

The idea of beauty, of elegance, has been with me since I was little with my dad who would make us dress up for every event. I love the rapport one can develop with clothes, with one’s appearance, and what it means.

In music, your style is what makes your music recognizable by people. It’s a timeless signature that allows you to distinguish yourself, to stand out.

The spring birds are not yet singing but purchase your tickets now!


You are passionate about  African design and you have the desire of taking part to an event which enlightens designers and aesthetics of contemporary Africa?

We are still looking for people in several sectors of activity, in particular:

editor · decorator · host-ess · gardener · dresser · writer · photographer · videographer · driver · security agent.

The first information session will take place on Saturday, February 11.


The non-profit association Afrodyssée aims to improve knowledge of the cultures and aesthetics of Africa and to contribute to increasing the influence of contemporary African design. Is that your goal too?


We wish you a beautiful month of February,

Take care,

Afrodyssée Association

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Route du Moulin-de-la-Ratte 32, 1288 Aire La Ville, Suisse

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