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Newsletter March 24th 2023


Dear Friends of Afrodyssée,


Only a month and a half left before the launch of Afrodyssée 2023!

The planning is in full swing, keep an eye on our social media channels as we are announcing the designers who will participate in our next edition.


We hope to see you next Thursday, April 6 (6 p.m.) at the Pavillon de la Danse to unveil the complete programming of our May event.


In the meantime, meet a true gem. Maryse Mbonyumutwa is the founder of the first ready-to-wear brand manufactured on an industrial scale on the African continent. Her brand brings together the best: the values of craftsmanship – quality and sustainability – and the ambition of a textile industry 100% made in Africa.

Maryse 70_edited.png


Origin: Rwandan
Title: Founder Asantii

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Maryse Mbonyumutwa founded the brand Asantii after a long and rich career in the mass market working on Asian production sites in China, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. After realizing that garment and its manufacture should value quality, durability and ethics above all, she decided to select designers from different African countries, to develop one of the first pan-African brands.


I quickly came to the idea that my project should be pan-African. When we see the tiny share that our continent represents in the global production of the fashion business, in terms of African brands or African designers, I felt that I had to play a role of a catalyst. I have sourced designers in more than 12 countries, first allowing them to structure themselves by working freelance for Asantii before being able to develop their own brand, still within the collective that we form. It is by coming together that we become stronger and more impactful.



We must shake up mentalities, we have to change points of view if we want to make African excellence shine. And I think that our timing is right, we are discovering a young African generation that is finally uninhibited, hyper-connected, who finally believe in their own assets. Pioneers like Virgil Abloh have done us a lot of good, luxury today is turning to Africa and we must be proud of our centuries-old and traditional heritages that infuse our aesthetics today.



We are living an important "momentum" where Africa, through music, is now influencing the whole world. Our cultures are rich and unique. But to continue to elevate ourselves and cultivate our uniqueness, we must always aim for excellence, review our criteria and our quality standards upwards, because it is only with this rigor that we will be able to change the image that the Western world still projects on our continent today.



Find Maryse Mbonyumutwa and her brand Asantii during the 6th edition of Afrodyssée, from May 5 to 7 in Geneva.

The complete programming will be revealed on April 6.

Book your afterwork, we invite you to celebrate this launch at the Pavillon de la Danse (Place Sturm 1, 1206 Geneva) from 6 p.m

We tell you and we'll tell you again: book your tickets! 

VIP seats are going fast. To make your VIP box reservation for the 9 p.m. runway show, send an email to

Welcome service, breathtaking view of the runway show at the foot of the podium and of course… Champagne! 

VIP reservations for the 4 p.m. fashion show can be made directly via the site.


We are always looking for volunteers. Are you a lover of African creation interested in volunteering for an event that highlights African designers and aesthetics? Join our team.


The non-profit association Afrodyssée aims to improve knowledge of the cultures and aesthetics of Africa and to contribute to increasing the influence of contemporary African design. Is that your goal too?


We look forward to seeing you on April 6th for our kick-off event.

All the best,

Afrodyssée Association

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Route du Moulin-de-la-Ratte 32, 1288 Aire La Ville, Suisse

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